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About the Minister

 Founding Minister of Ankh Ministries, Anim "Torrie C." A. Bey is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Reiki  Master, Ra Sekhi Practitioner, and Certified Medium. She combines her skills as a digital, visual, and musical artist with her intuitive abilities and talent for creating healing products with Earth Mother’s gifts. She is the producer and host of Planet 9 Radio, formally known as HMi Radio. Under her Spiritual product line, she provides Reiki/Ra Sekhi and intuitive readings, ear candling, spiritual and ritual consults, powerful meditations, healing teas, candles, personal care products, and metaphysical educational courses. She is a teacher of the Celestial Arts and a 3rd Eye Development coach.  

My Faith

 Faith is the substance of all things hoped for, and my hopes are to continue to spiritually grow through self-enlightenment. I have been through various degrees of religious thought but none has served as a permanent fix to self-mastery. Although we can never fit the societal definition of perfection, it wasn't until I began to unravel hidden mysteries of my own shadow side that I've come to know the light within me. Through my journey of self-reflection, I've learned that one's dark side is not to be shunned as if it can be divorced, but instead, it is a guiding tool to help you to understand your own depth. From that depth, light can emerge with proper guidance, as it was bestowed upon me. Endemically from that point, I reasoned, we are our own authors in this program called life - with a story to tell. I am here to help anyone that wishes to learn how to become a better author of their own life story, and master unto themselves. This is where my faith resides. It resides in the consistent practice of inner development and strengthening the soul through opening up to our inner wisdom. It is my honor to extend those skills to anyone that's willing to take the journey within.


Ancient Native Philosophy

Practice Daily

It was once spoken by a Native Shaman that:

“We should always send prayers of well-being to others.”

“We should not ask for money unless it is to help relieve the poverty of another.”

“We should not ask for food, unless by eating, we strengthen ourselves to do that in which our inner most collaboration with our higher-self has directed us to do.” 

“We should not ask for comfort unless by being comfortable we can think more clearly.”

In my endeavors, I stand to practice these principles and uphold them  to the best of my ability. However, when we appear to be out of alignment around these principles in our lives, then there’s no room to  build a community. I ask that you help me to help others by participating with a purchase of a course, donations and/or volunteering at various events. It would be a pleasure to build with you, as others would  benefit from our collaboration. 


Universal Source Academy


 Universal Source Academy is an all in one source for learning  metaphysical and esoteric subjects. Course content is well prepared and  suitable for any level of interest. Our goal is to teach every open mind  the secrets to self-sufficiency through self-knowledge and awareness. 

Open Enrollment Begins 12/2019

Try Our Meals That Heal



Need a little help staying in the healthy lane? Well, Ankh Ministries is providing you a chance to stay fit with food that heals the soul and nourishes the body. This Spring you can purchase a meal and help a great cause at the same time. Leaving you feeling full of strength and offering. All meals are gluten free and organic. So no need to worry about whats in it - which gives you more time to enjoy a delicious meal without the headache (literally). 

Past Events


 Let us divinely dine together as we come and connect deeply to Self, Source, and Sisters! Join us on the Summer Solstice for this 2nd Annual weekend woman fest to raise the Divine Feminine energies! There will be rituals, workshops, drumming, dancing, yoga, Qigong, meditation, red tent experiences, nature walks, labyrinth, Earth Mother healing and more! Schedule readings, and healing services like Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, Aroma touch, Feng Shui Consults, Angelic Healing, Crystal Readings, Ancestor Readings,  and more for additional fees, and purchase sacred and healing items from the Marketplace.

Robin Bell (301) 213-4813
Tonya Parker (703) 201-9743 tonya@mbsfood.com

Real Testimonies


 "If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend this experience. It is life changing ... this woman is wonderful 💕"   - 3rd Eye Development

Lorraine Santos Rimando


Carolyn Hutchinson -  "Great experience!"- 3rd Eye Development Class at Hippocrates Way


Cheryl Miller -  "So enlightening!  Plus you know the food was good😋  Thanks Sistah Angels!" - 3rd Eye Development Class at Hippocrates Way


Neatrice Holmes - "It was amazing!" 🤗

- 3rd Eye Development Class at Hippocrates Way

Join Ifetayo White, Jan 5th @ 2pm-5pm

Up Coming Event

Are you a Woman In Tune with Conscious Healing (WITCH)? If so, come join us for our WITCH Salon & Supper Series this year, from OCT-MAR. This women’s circle builds community while teaching healing tools through the mastery of amazing, powerful women. Then we share an amazing meal from the Conscious Cauldron.

Planet 9 Radio Live Stream


Planet 9 Radio on Soundcloud

Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.

Free Downloads

This exercise and meditation is designed to enhance one to open the 3rd Eye. If you have no knowledge of this practice, please research proper information  or take my 3rd I (Eye) development course before trying. There are some repercussions to be aware of before embarking on 3rd Eye Development. 

Transform Your Life


Sacred Retreats

 What's so special about Sacred Sojourns retreats?... Well, as you know, a sojourn is a temporary stay—it is of a fleeting nature. However, that which is sacred surrounds us every day and in every way. The founders of Sacred Sojourns partner with Spirit to create a space in a temporary location to bring forth sacred healing that will last a lifetime. Events include workshops, half and full day retreats, and extended retreat experiences that uplift, empower, relax, and rejuvenate. 


Join Us for Our Annual Sacred Sedona Sojourn, August 28th - Sept. 4th 2020 

Sacred Sojourns will be offering in Sedona for 2020:

Trip package includes: 

  • Ground transportation from Phoenix Airport to villas and a return trip to the airport (*flight times within specified window & NOT included in cost)
  • Shared  double-occupancy room in one of two amazing villas for 7 nights  (limited singles available, for an additional fee, on a first-come,  first-serve basis).
  • 10 meals ~ 6 breakfasts, 3 dinners, 1 lunch
  • Group Self-tour of Vortex Sites
  • Admission to Montezuma Castle National Park Tour
  • Admission to Sedona Trolley Sunset Tour
  • Admission into Red Rock State Park
  • Transportation to and from scheduled events
  • Complimentary Healing sessions
  • Complimentary Intuitive Reading
  • Facilitated Sacred time…and more!

Total Trip Cost:
$1350.00 double occupancy
$1750 single occupancy
$1800 private casita

$25 off for past Sacred Sojourners 2017-2019
***Dana will also be practiced, with the expectation that  participants give back through service in some way to our community  during the sojourn.***

Deposit of $150.00 per person is DUE by Feb 29, 2020, but spaces will fill quickly!
Email or Call: 703.201.9743 / 240.436.2525 to make a payment or to make payment arrangements

P.S.: In addition, please RSVP via our Facebook event page for updated communication.

Special Purchases

Let Your Inner God Shine on the World So That It May Reflect You

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